The Stakester story so far…

3 min readMar 9, 2021


New look , same goal:

To take competition to a whole new level.

The world outside may have slowed down for lockdown, but gamers have been taking it to another level. On Stakester, our community of players has grown, we’ve added more games and we’ve come out of lockdown with a bit of a glow up.

The app

When you join Stakester, you’re joining a thriving community of competitors. Here’s a few stats that show where we are on our journey:

  • The app is home to 20,000 users — and counting.
  • Those users have been busy, they’re continuously beating our milestones for the number of competitions completed each day.
  • The average entry fee for those competitions is $10.

The games

We’ve added Call of Duty: Warzone to the list of titles that you can play on the app. Like every game on the app, you have to play according to the Stakester ruleset. Our games team devises a ruleset for each title to ensure a fair competition between both players.

In this one, it’s a kill race – that means that the player with the highest number of kills when both players are dead is the winner. We’ll be adding more games soon, so watch this space.

The Team

We now have 20 amazing employees and the team is growing every day! At the moment we’re all competing in a company-wide steps challenge, where every employee was sent a free smart watch (nice, right?) to help us all stay active while we’re working from home. That being said, we can’t wait to get back into the office, and we’ve got a brand new one waiting for us when it’s safe to return to work.

We’ll be back with more updates soon, in the meantime – keep backing yourself out there! If you want to enter the arena, download the Stakester app.




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