Stakester and AKT: supporting LGBTQIA+ youth for Pride

For Pride Month we wanted to go above and beyond, so we decided to support AKT. They are dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ homeless youth, helping them escape bad home lives or domestic abuse. As a company, we donated £367 to AKT and we’re very proud to be helping such an incredible charity.

Credit: AKT

What did we do?

We started off this Pride Month with some content; including an article about LGBTQIA+ streamers and our favourite diverse video game characters. We decided to finish it with a bang: a company quiz night to fundraise money for AKT.

As most of us aren’t back in the office yet, the quiz was held remotely for those who couldn’t make it. Everyone was sent a basket of goodies, and 10% of the bill went to AKT too. Equipped with tasty treats and their knowledge, it was time to begin!

The quiz included LGBTQIA+ themed trivia, as well as a performance by the winning team. As we mentioned, together as a company we raised £367, which — according to AKT’s donation page — is enough for a young person’s first month of rent and resettlement support.

Stakester at their finest!

What’s next?

In the meantime, do consider visiting AKT’s website to see all of the amazing work that they do for the community, and donate if you’re able to. No amount of money is too small: even as little as £6 can cover the cost of a small hygiene kit for a vulnerable young person.

At Stakester, we’re committed to supporting charities wherever we can. We’re currently in discussions about a longer term partnership with some other amazing organisations, so stay tuned for any further updates by following us on LinkedIn or Medium.



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