8 LGBTQIA+ Streamers You Could Be Watching Right Now

Pride Month is here, so let’s get our flags out and wave them for the LGBTQIA+ streamers of Twitch!

3 min readJun 4, 2021


Credit: Twitch

To celebrate Pride Month, we want to share with you some incredibly talented streamers who haven’t quite blown up yet. Whether you’re looking for a cozy stream to relax to, or something more intense to get your heart pumping, we have something for you!

Londyn Bradshaw

Londyn is a quirky drag queen whose goal is to create a space for BIPOC creators on all platforms. Not only are they a talented cosplayer (which they often do on stream), but they also kick ass at Dead by Daylight. Londyn is also a part of Team Stream Queens on Twitch, so if you’re looking for a hilarious group of streamers, then this is your crew . Be sure to drop by when they’re streaming and tell them we said hello!

Ashley of Fitness To Cosplay

Ashley is another Dead by Daylight streamer, but you can also catch her streaming Sims 4 or Subnautica if you prefer a slower paced game. Outside of streaming, Ashley promotes health and fitness within the gaming community, creating a positive environment for everyone! She also enjoys cosplaying with her girlfriend, and has a YouTube channel where she has smaller slices of content for you to enjoy.

Brian Gray

If you’re looking for a cozy vibe and chill out with a friendly streamer then Brian is your man. He plays a little bit of everything, from Animal Crossing to Destiny 2. When he isn’t streaming, Brian loves to cook and drink cocktails (relatable), he also loves to support charities during his streams. Be sure to pop your head in and donate some money to charity!


Misty is a streamer who does whatever she wants — from gaming, building Lego and sewing, as long as she is enjoying herself. This gamer seamstress has her own business on Etsy and keeps herself busy with projects while streaming 5 times a week — you’ve got to admire that grind. If you’re looking to spice up your Twitch viewing, check out Misty and see what she has to offer!

Jeff Brutlag

Jeff is super funny, has a wonderful personality and genuinely enjoys chatting with his viewers. He’s a writer outside of streaming, and one of his favourite things to dote over is Sailor Moon. When he does stream, Jeff likes to do his make-up and chat to viewers, or dive into a good story-driven game. If you want to get your daily dose of positive vibes, go say hello to Jeff!


If you’re looking for a place to rest and get comfy, then MadameGandalf’s tavern is open to you! Alex streams on a daily basis, from cooking to gaming and even cosplaying while she does it. If you want to see her goof around on GTA, play some of her favourite games or get some cooking inspiration, then her tavern is the perfect place for you.


Nigel is an Irish streamer who is enjoying life in America, gaming several times a week. Outside of streaming, he’s also an EA Gamechanger and makes lots of great content. Nigel streams with a Vtuber facecam (an animated avatar that tracks movement), and likes to play games from Stardew Valley to Resident Evil. Since Nigel is a full time streamer, he’ll always be there when you need him.


MiladyConfetti is a cosplayer and podcaster who also likes to stream. Since she is a founder of the ‘Sistas of the Fog’, she obviously likes to play a lot of Dead by Daylight. But, she likes to play other horror games and story-driven games, so there’s no shortage of content! She’s not only great at competitive games, but she’s got the perfect personality for streaming: entertaining and bold in equal measure.

Want to discover more?

If you want more, then be sure to check out Twitter pages like Qweerty Gamers and Rainbow Arcade who promote LGBTQIA+ gamers! Every day you’ll see a new streamer, and you can show them some love.




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